Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas in the 'Jing!

It's Christmas time here in Beijing, Northern Hemisphere style, complete with a smattering of fresh snow, sparkly Christmas tree goodness in every colour and fancy twinkly light imaginable and some very dapper looking Santas popping up in malls and shop windows.

My kids are beyond excited, making Santa "wish-lists" and learning about giving at this special time of the year.  I asked my four year old, Maggie, last night what she wanted for Christmas and she replied, "Just a fairy Mum who grants wishes all the time!" Mmmmm, could be a tricky one, but I'll work on it!

My tai-tai, ex-pat friends are busily arranging their apartments to look as festive and special as possible for their children, to bring the magic of their traditions into their Beijing homes....whether they are from Australia, America, Europe or farther afield. Their trees are stunning and I even spotted a teddy bear dressed tree at my local shopping mall that made the kids squeal with glee! Random but fun!

Here are some of my favourite photos lately of Christmas time fever in Beijing and some funky, eye-catching Christmas trees. I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas wherever you are in the world.

Mummy and Charlie at the girls' school

Getting in the Christmas spirit

International school Christmas Concert - my daughter Lily singing up a storm - snowflakes and sunglasses
 representing the best of both hemispheres!

Santa on the drums

Rock on Santa!

Charlie all bundled up.."what's this snow stuff Mom?"

-8 degrees C today and dropping!

My 2 yr old son Charlie's interpretation of Santa

Love this!

Teddy Bear tree!

Monday, December 5, 2011

iPhone cases are now on my radar...

Just got the new iPhone 4S. The camera on it's way better and there is a lady who reminds you of all the things that are happening in your day. Go Siri...   (For me she is my saviour, organisation is not my strong point!)

Getting a case was priority number one due to two small terrors who insist on playing Dora the Explorer on my phone A LOT! Have never really paid too much attention to iPhone cases, they are just one of those things I know I need. Yesterday I walked into a shop and came out with this one, it made me giggle. BTW, it can be purchased at

Then last night I started looking at a few cases online. There are some seriously cool cases around, here are a few that caught my eye.

Society6 have the most enormous range of cases and so many of them are amazing. I want these three below...

These two animal inspired cases can be purchased online at

The high roller brass $95 it's a little more than the $9.95 I forked out. I realise it's also a whole lot classier though!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I never really get into the Christmas decorating thing here at home in Melbourne as we're always away over the holidays in New Zealand. This year however, I think I'm going to at least create some kind of vignette for the table. I've been inspired by some of the great DIY Christmas ideas over on Pinterest!) Go check them out, some people come up with the coolest ideas :)  

When we arrive home in NZ one of the first things we do is go out and get a tree. We then throw on the fairy lights, add all the ornaments (some of which are older than me!) then wrap some tinsel around. done.

I love our Christmas decorations and our seriously rustic looking tree but can also really appreciate all the minimalist, modern and unique Christmas decor in other peoples spaces. Here are some of the images I have spied on the web lately. The last picture on it's own I absolutely simple but so great. T

Pictures via Pinterest.  Picture 4:,,,

Picture One:      Other Pictures via Pinterest