Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I never really get into the Christmas decorating thing here at home in Melbourne as we're always away over the holidays in New Zealand. This year however, I think I'm going to at least create some kind of vignette for the table. I've been inspired by some of the great DIY Christmas ideas over on Pinterest!) Go check them out, some people come up with the coolest ideas :)  

When we arrive home in NZ one of the first things we do is go out and get a tree. We then throw on the fairy lights, add all the ornaments (some of which are older than me!) then wrap some tinsel around. done.

I love our Christmas decorations and our seriously rustic looking tree but can also really appreciate all the minimalist, modern and unique Christmas decor in other peoples spaces. Here are some of the images I have spied on the web lately. The last picture on it's own I absolutely simple but so great. T

Pictures via Pinterest.  Picture 4:,,,

Picture One:      Other Pictures via Pinterest

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