Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Colours of Culture

When I travel I'm particularly drawn to the colour of a culture, be it the colour of their textiles or cloth, their architecture, their food or even their language. If a place resonates with you, it is virtually impossible, if you're anything like me, not to want to take a piece of that back to your home to covet.
A swath of exquisite fabric, a unique ceramic, a gorgeously patterned lamp, even a small but perfectly formed item of furniture from THAT SPECIAL PLACE can both serve to transform your space and add depth and character to your memories of being there, of seeing it, of meeting people and connecting with their culture.

Perhaps you haven't been there but want to; perhaps you dream of the escape and yearn for a piece of that heritage, perhaps its just so beautiful you just have to have it??

Watch this space...In My Cabinet may have just what you want for your place....



  1. Girls, this online shop can't be launched quick enough! I'm so sick of going into homeware shops here in Sydney and seeing all of the same wares... it's like groundhog day. Then it's recycled through all of the homewares magazines as the latest and greatest original look... it's not!

    Bring me something new and original and I promise I will be your no.1 customer!!!!! XX

  2. We are busy hunting down some fab things and sending them closer to you, as I write!!! Think global, think handmade, think colour and affordability... all wrapped up in on trend In My Cabinet goodness!!xx