Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bell Jars and Glass Domes

I have a little collection of these in my home and would probably have more if not for the  often hefty price tag that tends to go with them here in Melbourne. Mine have mainly come from eBay and various op shops (I am a self confessed op shop addict!)  I even managed to get one back from NZ in my suitcase after a trip home last year. The reason I went to all the trouble was that it was $4. Basically a massive bargain, therefore well worth the effort. 

A picture of a few of mine on a sideboard next to my dining table.
Anyway, they have been seen in many an interiors mag over the last few years and are still popping up all over the place and being used for a multitude of purposes. At one stage, the most popular choice seemed to be to fill them with anything dead, taxidermy was having a major resurgence! However, I have also seen them filled with photographs, ceramics, jewellery, flowers, plants, keepsakes and various other quirky objects. I currently have both photographs and candles under mine but no doubt there will be something different next week as I feel a bit of a reshuffle coming on! Planning on having some bell jars in our little shop so watch this space. Enjoy the pics, most of them found on Pinterest.  T

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