Thursday, November 24, 2011

Championing Chinese furniture

G'day all,

I'm a massive fan of replica Chinese furniture when placed deftly around the home. 

Let's face it, genuine antique Chinese furniture is now both hard to find and extremely expensive, so when we covet a beautiful armoire, dresser or medicine cabinet in our favorite color and design, we are definitely thinking 'replica' all the way baby... 

a beautiful blend of aged recycled wood - love it!!
the array of slats in different hues - ahhh.
The beauty is in the corners, in the color,  in the finish,  in the care, and it's in the workmanship.....

as long as you love it, you want it, you get pleasure from using it, looking at it and showing it off in your home, it doesn't matter. 

We love to have things in our home to display our precious things on, or put things in for functionality and aesthetics.....

the perfect storage cabinet for anything you want to display
Have fun looking at these cute ideas....and shop at 'In My Cabinet' next year for that special piece of Chinese furniture you just have to have - made with love and care by Chinese artisans, just for you.
rich in texture and color

Here's my new picture stand and dresser .....I keep looking at the cute feet, the perfectly vintage peeling paint that sooo tickles my fancy, the beautiful leaf shape of the drawer knobs, the centered Middle Kingdom circle motif...and I smile.
middle kingdom circle motif - simplicity and beauty

leaf design drawer knobs swinging happily

I love the little claw feet and clean lines - such a handy size too!

I was drawn by the richness of the green and Chinese shapes in this stand. 

Would be a cute addition in any room of your house.

traditional red - the prefect hallway dresser or vanity for your bedroom

I want this in my kitchen!!
a pop of color in any bedroom


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